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A Doctorate includes an M.D. and a Ph.D. 

Business Complexity Requires Advanced Solutions.

The intense academic rigor required to complete a Doctor of Business Administration degree covers all disciplines of business based on the application of scientific research.  

Consultancy at the Doctoral level provides solutions based on scientific research from business results covering a century of study.  It is common for the discovery in academic literature to identify an important solution years before the knowledge is applied in a business setting. This delay is often a result of the indecipherable complexity of the academic presentation. 

The Doctorate in Business Administration is the application based sister to the Ph.D., and is uniquely equipped to explore the Ph.D.'s meaningful research, and then competently examine and apply the discovery for the benefit of business years before the findings are translated and released on Amazon.

In an M.D. Doctor's office, a Doctor provides the diagnosis while the Physician's Assistant with a Master's Degree issues the prescriptions. In business, a CPA with a Master's Degree may issue an opinion, but a Doctor is needed to provide the business diagnosis.  

The essential point is, get a Business Doctor to provide you a validated diagnosis with a reliable path to success.  

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