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  • Dr. Andy Schell, Ph.D.c, DBA, MSML, MBA, CPA/CFF, CMB

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I need to speak with 10 Branch Managers for 15 minutes to discuss their branch financial reports as part of an academic study.


I am conducting a research study as part of completing my Ph.D. in Communication at Liberty University. The purpose of my research is to understand how branch managers make decisions based on their monthly branch financial reports. My hope is to improve the form and content of the financial reports.

The purpose of this LinkedIn post is to invite eligible individuals to join my study.

I am looking for individuals who have been mortgage company branch managers for at least 2 years, have been in mortgage lending for 5 years, are over 25 years old, and made over $200K during 2020 or 2021.

If willing, the only research procedure I am requesting is for you to join me for a recorded interview where we meet via a Teams or Zoom video conference for 15 minutes to talk about your branch reporting. During our meeting, I’ll ask you a few questions about how you use branch financial reports. That’s it. Names and other identifying information will be collected as part of this research, but your information will remain confidential. Nothing in the final research report will identify you or your office.

If you join the study, I will send a consent form via email before we start the interview. The consent document contains additional information about my research. If you wish to participate, the consent document will need to be digitally signed by typing your name and then returned to me before the interview.

To join the study, please send an email to me at with “join study” in the subject line, or connect via LinkedIn email noting your interest in participating, and I’ll email you information about the next steps.

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Dr. Andy Schell, DBA, Ph.D.c, MBA, CPA, CMB

Communication Researcher

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